Healthy week at the PRBB: sports, workshops and talks

Once again, the PRBB joins the Healthy Week, celebrated around the world. From 8 to 12 April, various sporting activities, workshops and talks have been organized at the park.

Picture of one of the Yoga sessions at the beach, organized within the PRBB Healthy Week framework.

Picture of one of the Yoga sessions at the beach, organized within the PRBB Healthy Week framework.

Unfortunately, most of us spend the day rushing around. This feeling of always being short of time leads us to prioritize activities and, often, having a healthy diet and doing exercise are left behind. However, neglecting our health is a serious mistake.



With the aim of helping residents to lead a healthy lifestyle – including during working hours – the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) joins once again the Healthy Weeek, an initiative held throughout the month of April in different parts of the world.

Yoga, spinning, cooking workshop…

From 8 to 12 April, the PRBB organized many different activities, all of them with the same purpose: promoting a healthy lifestyle. The PRBB residents enjoyed:

A total of 185 participants attended the activities held in the PRBB.

The PRBB residents also enjoyed different smoothies every day at the cafeteria of the park during this week, and April 10 was a Be Healthy day at the PRBB, the day in which, once a month, the residents find free seasonal fresh fruit on the tables in the lobbies on each floor.


A healthy community

Since lack of time is usually one of the main reasons why people do not exercise, a good moment to promote physical activity is on your way to the workplace. Actually, according to a survey carried out to the PRBB residents a couple of years ago, the bicycle is the means of transport most used to come to work. Approximately 42% of the residents in the building cycle to the PRBB, while 9% come on foot. Only 8% come by car and 6% by motorcycle.

La majoria dels residents del PRBB utilitzen el transport públic i la bicicleta com a mitjà de transport.
Most PRBB residents use public transport and the bicycle as means of transport to get to the park (2016 Mobility Survey).


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Elena Lapaz holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Enthusiastic about science, as well as concerned about social responsibility and interested in the art of communicating, she also holds a Masters in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University.

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