Cancer, 3D genes, modulation of the skin microbiome and genetics of methylmercury susceptibility

Your one-minute digest to some of this week’s research highlights from the centres at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB).

IMIM annual meeting: sharing to strengthen research

In May, the 3rd edition of the IMIM Retreat was held, a day in which the most relevant projects of each of the center’s research groups are shared. In this article we talk about two of the projects ongoing at the centre. Suicide amongst university students and maternity leaves are the topics covered.

The media have a great potential to influence the formation of opinions and attitudes. The Quiral Report has studied the gender perspective in health-related articles in the mass media.

Women and health in the media, still a pending issue

The Quiral report 2018 “Women, health and communication” has analyzed health articles of mass media regarding their gender perspective,as well as gender biases in the use of language and images and the presence of women experts as sources of information.

Choanoflagellates and friends: the unicellular organisms Salpingoeca rosetta (Arielle Woznica and Nicole King, UC Berkeley), Capsaspora owczarzaki (Helena Parra and Núria Ros, IBE) and Sphaeroforma arctica (Omaya Dudin, IBE) were some of the protagonists of this conference.

Choanoflagellates & Friends, a meeting on our closest unicellular relatives

Researchers working on the closest unicellular relatives of animals came together at the PRBB in Barcelona for the 7th International Choanoflagellates & Friends Meeting, organised by the Multicellgenome Lab at the IBE (CSIC-UPF).