Microproteins to generate cancer vaccines

Teams from the Hospital del Mar Research Institute and MELIS-UPF have collaborated on a study that could open the door to vaccines against liver cancer.

The PRBB refurbishes its data centre to optimise its present and future performance

The works to improve the facilities that house the data processing equipment reinforce the security of the continuity of service in case of lack of supplies and enable the space to house more new-generation electronic equipment.

What is the best type of city?

A study led by ISGlobal analyses more than 900 European cities to classify them according to their urban structure, pollution levels and energy efficiency.

The microbiota of newborns, beyond the mother

An international study with participation from MELIS-UPF has analyzed the origin of the microbiota in newborns and determined that while approximately half of the microbiota in newborns comes from the mother, the other strains come from people with whom the baby spends a lot of time.