Picture of Kate Whitfield in a garden

Kate Whitfield (ISGlobal): “None of us can tackle decarbonization on their own. It has to be a group effort”

The PRBB Intervals programe includes sustainability in the agenda by offering, for the first time, a course on how to become a change agent to decarbonise science.

Fernando G. Benavides (DCEXS-UPF): “Both individual and institutional preventive strategies are needed to take care of the mental health of doctoral students”

The DCEXS-UPF has done a survey on mental well-being amongst its PhD students. We talk to Regina and Fernando about it, why it is important and on mental health in the greater academic context.

The Mediterranean diet favors cognitive and memory improvement

A study in which the IMIM has participated has analyzed the cognitive benefits of following a Mediterranean diet over three years.