The 3rd international congress on research in Down Syndrome, in whose organization several members of the PRBB participated, was held in Barcelona last June.

Science and Society, together to advance Down syndrome’s research

The third international congress on Down Syndrome research took place in Barcelona last June. Researchers from the PRBB centers were involved in the organization.

Without having to give up the summer pleasures, some of the PRBB centres offer some courses to young people to enter the scientific world (Images form Wikipedia and Pixabay).

Students dive into the scientific world of the PRBB

We review the summer courses that the PRBB centres have proposed to young people this July, in order to bring them closer to the world of biomedical research.

Immunostaing of a mouse limb-bud. Cartilage-like cells are labbeled in green, endothelial cells in pink and nuclei in blue. Image from Heura Cardona and Montserrat Coll.

EMBL Barcelona hosts the Limb Development and Regeneration Meeting

The four-day meeting that took place at the PRBB Auditorium was a success of participation in an unbeatable location.

Mouse blastocyst stage embryo. Credit Agnieszka Jedrusik and Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, Gurdon Institute. CC0

Key player of embryonic stem cells differentiation found 

The Graf lab at the CRG have discovered that chromatin-related factor Whsc1 is an important player in the transition from an embryo of pluripotent stem cells to an embryo with the three differentiated germ layers.