Manuel Pastor, principal investigator at the pharmacoinformatics group at GRIB.

Manuel Pastor (GRIB): “We have created one of the world’s largest database of toxicology data”

Manuel Pastor, a researcher at the GRIB (IMIM-UPF), talks about the European eTOX project, in which they have managed to get several pharmaceutical companies to share their toxicology data.

Skeleton found in La Braña (León). He is one of two brothers found in the same site, the oldest siblings that have been detected genetically. Photo by Julio Manuel Vidal Encinas.

Reconstructing the genetic map of the last 8,000 years in the Iberian Peninsula

An international group of researchers co-led from Harvard and the IBE has compared the DNA of more than 4,000 individuals who lived in the Iberian Peninsula since 6,000 BC.

Erythrocytes are the majority of the blood cells, and give the blood its red colour. In leukemia, the proportions of blood cells are reversed.

What is leukaemia and why does it appear?

We have all heard about leukaemia – the blood cancer – but did you know how many types there are? And why does it develop? Biologist Teresa D’Altri explains.

Sara Sceldi and Ana Janic, are two new research group leaders working on cancer at the PRBB.

Tumour development screens in mice and cell lines – two converging strategies

Ana Janic and Sara Sdelci are two of the newest and youngest Principal Investigators at the PRBB. Read here a summary of their joint Group Leader Seminar, where the two women presented their latest work on cancer.