The Institute of Evolutionary Biology covers a wide range of topics. Adapted from a figure by Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo.

IBE: 10 years of science to discover life, unravel evolution and preserve biodiversity

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of IBE, one of the six centres at the PRBB, director Tomàs Marquès-Bonet reflects on what has been achieved and what the future will bring.

A recent study by IMIM and Hospital del Mar shows that the sooner ICU patients start using their own respiratory muscles, the better the recovery. (Image from the United States Air Force Medical Service)

ICU patients recover faster when they use their own respiratory muscles

A study done at IMIM and Hospital del Mar confirms that assisted ventilation strategies that allow respiratory muscles to work favor the recovery of patients. First author Judith Marín tells us about it in this interview.

Artem Komissarov studies the molecular transport within neurons. Illustration by David S. Goodsell, the Scripps Research Institute.

Rin4′: more than a science talk competition

A PhD student studying how neurons transport molecules along their length, Artem Komissarov is the winner of the Rin4′ outreach competition. In this self-interview he tells us about the experience.

Isabelle Thierry Chef

Isabelle Thierry Chef (ISGlobal): “My major concern is medical radiation exposure in children”

The head of the Medical Radiation Group at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) tells us about her scientific career from chemistry to epidemiology.