PRBB: Happy 18th anniversary!

As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of the PRBB, have a look at the latest Performance Report, including the most outstanding activities and achievements of the PRBB in 2023.

The balancing act between survival and evolution is solved by having one extra copy

A collaboration between CRG and IBE researchers reveals the importance of genome duplications in the evolution of bilaterally symmetrical animals.

Research in science and art

The artist and physicist Pep Vidal has begun an artistic residency at MELIS-UPF that will lead him to explore the artistic value of scientific research.

Hitting the nail on the head to win the battle against fibrosis

The CRG and the University of Cologne coordinate a study to develop an experimental technique to prevent fibrosis. If it works in humans, it could prevent scarring and surgical complications, as well as treat various diseases such as systemic sclerosis, liver cirrhosis or pulmonary fibrosis.