MELIS-UPF and Japan’s Riken DBR strengthen their relationship with a biomedical research symposium

On 18 and 19 April, the PRBB will host a symposium open to the public to disseminate research results from Riken BDR in Japan, MELIS-UPF and other centres at the park, like EMBL and CRG.

AI to design customised viral vectors for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases

A public-private partnership consortium involving MELIS-UPF receives €3.8 million in public funding to develop advanced therapies with the help of artificial intelligence.

Collaborative conversations: Challenges and tips on (good) supervision

Last February, over 40 people participated in the workshop organised by the Good Scientific Practice working group to find some good supervision guidelines and improve communication in the labs.

New insights into severe and persistent COVID

Studies at the Hospital del Mar have identified risk factors for severe and persistent COVID. They propose antiviral treatment during infection as a possible protective measure against persistent COVID in at-risk cases.