Marcos Francisco Perez, who received his PhD from the UPF, doing his research at the CRG, has received one of the eight honourable mentions of the International Birnstiel Awards.

International recognition for a young researcher at the CRG and UPF

Marcos Francisco Perez, a CRG researcher and UPF PhD graduate, has been chosen as one of the most accomplished international young scientists, receiving an honourable mention of the International Birnstiel Awards.

Image of Stroke Brain Blood Circulation. © Geralt (

High traffic noise is associated with more severe stroke

Approximately 1.1 million inhabitants of Europe suffer a stroke each year. A new study shows how noise not only increases the risk of suffering a stroke, but also its severity. 

Poster created by Rocío Saravia, from the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology in the DCEXS-UPF.

The PRBB holds the DCEXS-UPF annual symposium about biomedical research

The event will take place on November 21 and 22 in the PRBB Auditorium, and it will include a collaborative poster session, a roundtable and scientific talks.

A new study by IMIM researchers will help design safer drugs. Image by Joshua Coleman at Unsplash.

Inside out: looking within our bodies improves drug design

Researchers from the IMIM Systems Pharmacology Research Group have analyzed 566 drugs and their endogenous ligands. The results help predict whether a drug may have undesired side effects.