Researchers at ISGlobal have studied the effects of night-time exposure to blue light. Photo by Wyron A via Unsplash.

Night-time exposure to the light emitted by mobiles and white LEDs linked to higher colorectal cancer risk

Using satellite images of outdoor lighting in Barcelona and Madrid, researchers at ISGlobal have found and association between colorectal cancer and night blue light exposure.

Once we have a coronavirus vaccine, will there be people who won't want to get vaccinated? And why? Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.

What if… there is a coronavirus vaccine and people don’t want to get vaccinated?

A group of students from BIST-UPF’s Master’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences reflects on a potential coronavirus vaccine.

Insights from third phase of ENCODE: just five groups of cells make up the human body

The study led by CRG researcher Roderic Guigó is part of the ENCODE project, which tries to map all functional elements in the human genome.

Marga Sala, general manager of the PRBB, is grateful for the resilience and ability to adapt to the new circumstances shown by all the staff during the coronavirus crisis.

Marga Sala (PRBB): “We went from 2000 to 200 people in the building in two days”

We speak to Marga Sala, the general administrator of the PRBB, about how the park has adapted to the coronavirus crisis and the changes that have taken place.