Omar Jamshed, head of press at CRG: “I am part of a team that explores unknown frontiers”

We talk to Omar Jamshed about what it is like to work as a press officer in a public research center like the CRG.

Rocky mountains of Algeria.

Deciphering North African history with genomic tools

A study by the Institute for Evolutionary Biology (IBE: CSIC-UPF) has linked migratory movements throughout history with the genetics of North African populations and has observed some mating patterns.

A successful series of computational genomics seminars

The bi-weekly series of “PRBB computational genomics seminars” and its annual symposium, have been going on for 18 years, bringing together the bioinformatics and genomics communities at the park.

Roger Anglada, UPF Genomics Service: “We are the link between the technique and the researcher”

We talked with Roger Anglada about what it is like to work in a scientific-technical service such as the Genomics Service of the Pompeu Fabra University, which serves all the research centers of the PRBB.