Transcription viewed molecule by molecule

The CRG has used super-resolution microscopy techniques to visualise how transcription is organised in human cells and to locate each of its components with nanometric precision.

Boosting urban cycling could reduce the number of premature deaths per year

A study by ISGlobal has estimated that more than 205,000 premature deaths could be prevented each year if cycling is promoted as an alternative to car use.

Illustration of a chip connecing the placenta with the embryo

A chip to decipher the placental biology

Scientists from the Haase Lab at EMBL Barcelona will develop a perfusable 3D placenta on chip to study placenta development, organ pathologies, such as preeclampsia, and the effect of harmful substances on the placental barrier.

Composition with many PREVIS the animated doll that gives prevention and safety tips to the PRBB

PREVI returns to the PRBB to remind us how to maintain safety in laboratories

Three years after its creation, the PREVI returns to the PRBB to remind the equipment and preventive measures we need to take in the laboratory.