The 'Severo Ochoa' Center of Excellence distinctive aims to fund and accredit highly competitive research centers worldwide. | Picture by Ibrahim Boran from Unsplash.

ISGlobal is the third PRBB centre to receive an accreditation of excellence

For the first time, the Spanish State Research Agency has named ISGlobal as a ‘Severo Ochoa’ Centre of Excellence. Manolis Kogevinas, from ISGlobal, tells us about what it means to receive this recognition.

Recreating developmental biology in a dish

Miki Ebisuya is a young group leader at EMBL Barcelona, the latest institution to join the PRBB. She tells us how her lab uses synthetic biology to try to reconstitute developmental processes in vitro.

The next Rladies Barcelona meet up (a community of support for women interested in R) will be on October 15 at the PRBB. Image by Mireia Ramos.

The Rladies meet up at the PRBB

We interview two of the organizers of Rladies Barcelona, ​​a community of support for women who work with R. Their next event, on October 15, will be at the PRBB.

The members of the laboratory are biomedical engineers and biologists. The head of the group, Javier Macías, is a physicist.l.

“We don’t do biology; we do engineering with biological pieces”

The laboratory led by Javier Macía at the UPF applies the principles of engineering to biological or environmental problems, from diabetes or cellular communication to livestock waste.