Francesc Manaut (PRBB): “The birth of the PRBB and its consolidation as a research reference in southern Europe have filled my professional career”

The head of the PRBB’s IT department is retiring this summer, after spending almost 40 years linked to the park. We talked to him about his personal experience, as well as the evolution of computer science and the PRBB in recent years.

Marina Álvarez (IBE): “In science there is always something new to explore!”

Meet Marina Álvarez, a PhD student in the comparative genomics group at the IBE, in a close-up portrait of our scientists!

James Sharpe is the director of the EMBL Barcelona site, located at the PRBB

James Sharpe (EMBL Barcelona): “We provide a boost to the connection between local science and the rest of Europe”

The director of EMBL Barcelona tells us about his views on the city, the PRBB and EMBL, as research hubs and atractors of world-class scientists.