Researchers at the PRBB run for childhood cancer

In order to raise money for the creation of the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center, the largest pediatric cancer center in Europe and one of the most important in the world, PRBB residents will participate in a charity run.

Il·lustracions de la campanya "La prevenció és cosa de tots. Comença per tu!" (dissenyador: Roger Ametller).

Award for the occupational health prevention campaign of the PRBB centres

The campaign “Prevention is everyone’s business, start with yourself!”, promoted by the Inter-center Commission for the Prevention of Occupational Risks of the PRBB, wins an award for its trajectory since 2010.

The DNA is packed in the cell nucleus, like wool balls, following a specific 3D organisation. Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash.

Genigma: citizen science to decode the cancer genome

The ability of the human eye to detect patterns and a massive participation can be more effective in analysing the cancer genome than existing algorithms. This is the premise behind the citizen science project Genigma.