About 95% of pancreatic cancer patients die within 5 years. Scientists at the DCEXS-UPF may have found a solution. Picture taken from science4life.

Nanotarg: nanocapsules against pancreatic cancer

Two DCEXS-UPF laboratories have brought together their experience to develop a technological platform that could improve the survival rate and quality of life of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Picture by Cocoparisienne from Pixabay.

Researchers find the origin of current sled dogs in Siberia, 9500 years ago

An international research team led by the IBE has discovered that the ancestor of modern sled dogs appeared in the early Holocene in the Asian Arctic.

The findings provide further evidence that modifying environmental exposures early in life can limit the risk of obesity and associated complications. | Picture by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

Air pollution, smoking and built environment are associated with an increased risk of childhood obesity

ISGlobal leads the first major study to investigate the associations between a total of 173 different environmental exposures, as a whole, and the risk of childhood obesity.

The coronavirus pandemic has aggravated and increased the cases of mental health disorders in certain population groups. | Picture by Tumisu from Needpix.

Two projects to study the impact of COVID-19 on mental health

The new coronavirus has affected not only the physical health of a large part of the population, but also our mental health, spetially that of vulnerable populations. MIND/COVID and MINDUP are the two projects that IMIM has launched to gauge the magnitude of this problem.