Sex, defined by the X and Y chromosomes, influences gene expression in most human tissues.

Scientists characterize sex differences in the human transcriptome

We talk to CRG PhD student Manuel Muñoz Aguirre about the results of this study, and about the importance of considering sex as a biological variable in human genetics and genomics studies.

Everything set for the 2020 DCEXS-UPF Biomedicine Symposium

The DCEXS-UPF annual symposium, which will be virtual this time, will take place next Tuesday, October 20th. It will cover topics from cell biology or molecular neuroscience to evolution or health disparities.

Beetle's adaptability to saline environments could be helpful in understanding the ecological consequences of climate change. Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

What the evolution of beetles can tell us about the effects of climate change

An IBE’s scientific team has concluded that aquatic beetles have been able to adapt evolutionarily over the years to hypersaline environments, contrary to the most widespread belief.