collage de fotos on s'hi veuen residus de plàstic del laboratori com ara puntes de pipetes, plaques, guants, etc.

Sustainability – the pending challenge in biomedical research?

High energy consumption and the use of many single-use products are the main enemies of sustainability in the laboratory.

Maternal smoking during pregnancy could cause biological aging and influence fetal growth

Two studies led by ISGlobal have analyzed the consequences of different exposures during pregnancy and the early stages of life.

Potential way to prevent resistance to treatment for one of the most aggressive breast cancers

The researchers have found a link between Neuregulin levels and resistance to Trastuzumab, one of the major treatments for HER2-positive breast cancer.

The study has managed to induce the critical state in bacteria. Credit: Ricard Solé

Synthetic biology to understand the origins of cognition

A study led by the IBE has designed a genetic circuit to induce the critical state in living cells and study the patterns of behavior.