Aging could impair the final steps of egg development

A study in which the CRG and CNAG have collaborated has sequenced the RNA of oocytes to understand which genes are affected by age.

Marc Güell: “We must better exploit the talent and excellence that Barcelona has in terms of knowledge transfer”

Three groups from DCXES-UPF have obtained grants to promote the transfer of knowledge in their projects. We speak with Marc Güell, leader of one of them, about how they want to use the microbiome in our skin to treat us.

Anna Bigas (group leader at IMIM) and Akinola Akinbote (PhD student at EMBL Barcelona) have been recognized for their work.

From female leaders to African talent: celebrating diversity in science

Anna Bigas (IMIM) is one of the top 100 women leaders in Spain and Akinola Akinbote (EMBL Barcelona) one of the young African promises in STEM. We talked to the latter about his project to generate in vitro heart microvessels.

Machine learning helps tracing the history of migrations in the Bronze Age

A team from the CNAG-CRG has collaborated on a study developing machine learning tools for the analysis of ancient DNA.