The PRBB choir and orchestra, rehearsals during lockdown

From “Mamma Mia” to “La Vita È Bella”. These have been the two pieces of music that both the PRBB Choir and Orchestra have covered during lockdown.

This year, the World Music Day — held internationally on June 21 — has had to reinvent itself when promoting music around the world, due to the current situation as a consequence of COVID-19.

During the three months of lockdown, both the PRBB Choir and Orchestra have kept on rehearsing (while of course maintaining social distance!) and, on the occasion of #WorldMusicDay, they have released versions of two popular pieces of music.

On the one hand, the PRBB Choir, together with the Mar Choir — both directed by Òscar Salvador — have made a “parody” version of the Mamma Mia song, by ABBA. On the other hand, the PRBB Orchestra — conducted by Borja Mascaró — has covered La Vita È Bella, by Nicola Piovani

Here you have both covers. Enjoy it!

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