A question of perspective

We have seen many photographs of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). But depending on the light, the point of view, the effects of the camera’s optics, what you want to transmit, the filters we put, and so on, the picture changes completely. Each photograph is unique.

But what is the real image of the building?

They all are: they are perspectives that tell us about the building from a different point of view, that offer diverse and exclusive information.

Perspective: “Landscape or set of things seen from a certain point of view, especially from a distance” / “Predictable circumstance, especially if it is beneficial” / “Geometric representation of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface”

In this case, Xavier (Xavi Ruiz Photo in Instagram), a photographer and bus driver from the area who had already sent us another PRBB picture, shows us this view of the park and its surroundings from a single point at 360º.

The prism through which we look at reality makes us understand it in one way or another, and as we look at it from one side, we are omitting the rest of the options. Therefore, perspective involves choosing and deciding on an observation point. The most interesting thing is not the optics, the editing program, or the final filter, but the decision we make when choosing one perspective or another. Assuming this responsibility can be a responsibility and an effort, as it determines the end result, the benefit of the research.

That’s exactly what we do in the park with research. To analyse from the maximum possible perspectives, so we can manage reality in the best possible way. It is choosing the right question, approaching the same problem from different points of view, from different people, and the more diverse the better. This acceptance of all options and diversity is the key to growing successfully in science.

Although today there are many scientific disciplines depending on the approach to the topic, coming together and contrasting results with others is essential to have a global and at the same time amore concrete view of the question we are trying to approach.

We invite you to open your mind from all perspectives to discover the different fields in scientific research. A diverse, plural, and welcoming vision from all paths, people, and perspectives.

Want to see your photo here? Send us images related to science or life at PRBB a ellipse@prbb.org.

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