Imagined symmetry

Thanks to its interesting structure and unique location, the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) building is photographed daily from different angles and unexpected points of view.

Even so, there is always room for the imagination and creativity of those who observe the building, as in the case of Marc Bataller, from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG). Inspired by the lights and reflections of the morning he has created the image above.

“Arriving at 8 am gives you the opportunity to see unique colors in the sky; the office and lab windows and the water in the auditorium play in favor, highlighting the contrasts.”

Marc, who is a technician in the CRG’s Gene Regulation, Stem Cells and Cancer program, as well as a Biological Safety Officer, explains: “This time I wanted to give a spin to the idea of the symmetry of the building. The composition looks like if it was a mirror image but it’s not, since the two photographs were taken from different angles. This has completely changed the shape of the building forming a very curious image“.

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