PRBB: Happy 18th anniversary!

As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of the PRBB, have a look at the latest Performance Report, including the most outstanding activities and achievements of the PRBB in 2023.

Several public figures participated in the inauguration of the PRBB 18 years ago, on 15th May, 2016.

Today, 15 May 2024, the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), inaugurated in 2006, celebrates its coming of age. Congratulations to all the people who work or have worked at the Park, and have helped making it the success that it is today.

We take this day as an opportunity to review the main highlights and activities of the past year, recently published in the Performance Report for the year 2023.

The community of the PRBB has continued to foster groundbreaking biomedical research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. With a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and societal impact, the PRBB and its centres have strengthened their position as a leading research infrastructure in the pursuit of scientific discovery and the improvement of human health.

For detailed insights and specific data, the full report can be accessed directly through the following link or at the PRBB website:

As some of the highlights, in 2023 the PRBB and its centres published a new edition of the Code of Good Scientific Practice, the number of scientific sessions almost reached 300 and a new and very applauded outreach activity was born: “Barcelona Dance your Science”. In addition, two spaces have been inaugurated or renovated: the LabCafè, as a space for lunch, meetings or relaxation, and the µFabLab as a space for creation with 3D printers and other fabrication tools. The Demography of the 1,700 people that work at the Park has remained stable, with a slight increase in foreign residents and female scientific leaders.

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