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  • linda stow  ·  

    I have a very very ! Severe phobia and do not want any injections if there was an oral form of covid19 vacine I would say ok but no way am I having injections.

    • Rebecca Boat  ·  

      I feel the same way, to the point where I make the Dentist drill without injecting Lidocaine or Novocaine. That is how much I detest being impaled by needles. I refuse to believe there is not a way to get medications into your system without using needles.

  • Marc reef  ·  

    Why would anyone trust the WHO or any Government? They have lied consistantly through the epedemic.The media surpress or promote there own agenders , so cannot be trusted. I would sooner take my own country to task then take a vaccine.

  • carleen smith  ·  

    I don’t trust the rush put in finding the so called cure. I’d rather wait for the lab rats taking the cure. Side effects?

  • Helen Brychka  ·  

    I don’t want to put something in my body that I don’t even know the side effects of it.
    No injections for me.
    Hw about Dr Bonne Henry and the others take it 1st…..

  • Barbara Vyse  ·  

    Im not sure about having this vaccine. It as been rushed and unroll I know for sure what side effects I don’t want it. I have copd and my breathing isn’t good atm.

  • Win Scott  ·  

    Some people are citing Godly principles for not taking the vaccine. If people don’t want the vaccine this there business but I find something wrong with people using God not to take the vaccine. I will have faith in the system and take the vaccine once FDA approves it. Thank you

  • Analesia cassels  ·  

    In my opinion NO One has the right to force a jab on anyone.A persons body is their own business if they don’t want a vaccine so be it ,if they catch covid it’s their business right!The issue here is choice and not taking any persons right to choose way.we have a vaccine if people choose not to have it that’s their right.

  • Macaria  ·  

    I don’t understand why it is been offered as after having it still need to social distance still wear mask and you can still get COVID. It is not a cure and how have they found it so quick when they so-called didn’t know how it started.

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