The PRBB remains stable regarding the latest demographic data

The group of PRBB residents that has grown the most is that of laboratory technicians, who represent almost the 34% of the park community.

PRBB residents at the 2019 OpenDay volunteers lunch.

PRBB residents at the 2019 OpenDay volunteers lunch.

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) said goodbye to 2019 with a total of 1360 workers. Although the PRBB residents census has been stable over the last few years, it should be noted that, compared to 2018, the amount of residents has increased by almost 4%. In fact, the group of residents that has increased the most in the last two years has been the laboratory technicians, which has grown about a 40% since 2017.

But how are male and female sex represented within each group? Although we found a relative parity between the post-doctoral — 56% female (♀), 44% male (♂) — and predoctoral researchers — 57% ♀, 43% ♂ —, the same does not happen with the other categories. Among the administrative staff there are 67% ♀ vs. 33% ♂, among laboratory technicians 66% ♀ vs. 34% ♂ and, finally, among the principal investigators, 38% ♀ vs. 62% ♂. Although we are making progress on the path to gender equality, we still have a long way to go.

Regarding the age of the workers of the PRBB centres, people from 26 to 35 years old represent almost the 40% of the PRBB community. On the other hand, within the 335 foreign residents, coming from 49 different countries, the Italians occupy the first position in the ranking (90), followed by the Germans (37) and the French (27).

Here you can see all the 2019 demographic data.

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