PRBB researchers awarded €6 million from the European Research Council

The grants, recognizing outstanding science, will fund four projects directed by young group leaders to launch their own research projects.

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ERC Starting grants award each young researcher with € 1.5M to launch their projects. Credit: Unsplash.

Eva Novoa, Renée Beekman and Lars Velten from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) together with Kristina Haase from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory – Barcelona (EMBL Barcelona) are four of the 397 young researchers awarded with the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants. With these grants they will be able to launch their research in blood-forming systems, reproduction, cancer and coronary microvascular diseases, respectively.

ERC Starting grants aim to help young researchers launch their own projects and pursue innovative ideas. To this end, each award-winning researcher will receive €1.5 M to fund up to five years of outstanding research.

A glance to the awarded projects

The importance of resilience

ERC Starting Grants are among the most competitive calls and have a low rate of success, 13.3% in 2020. That is why many researchers have to apply for the call several times.

In this sense, it is remarkable this tweet from Eva Novoa encouraging those less fortunated. Because success is not the rule in science, but often the exception.

So, congratulations to the awarded researchers, and good luck and support to all other candidates!

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