Eight PRBB researchers among the most influential in the world

We will find out which PRBB researchers have been ranked in the lists of the most cited in the world.

As every year since 2001, The Institute for Scientific Information has ranked the world’s most influential scientists on the Highly Cited Researchers list. This list identifies the people who have had the most scientific impact through their published articles and who are cited in their fields most frequently. It is one of the most reputable rankings among the international academic and scientific community. It is developed by bibliometrics experts at Clarivate’s Institute for Scientific Information (Web of Science group). This time it has included 5 researchers from the centers of Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB).


The Barcelona Institute of Global Health has two researchers who appear this list again as the most influential in their fields worldwide.

  • Payam Dadvand. He has also been included as one of the most cited scientists in the world for the second consecutive year, classified in the transversal category. His an expert in environmental epidemiology, and for years he has been leading pioneering studies on the impact of environmental stressors on human health. He gives credit to all the collaborators and the team who have contributed to his work.


UPF is the most represented center of the PRBB with three researchers who also work in other centers, such as the Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research (IMIM) and the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG).

  • Joaquim Bellmunt. He is a researcher in the IMIM Cancer Molecular Therapy Research Group. He has beeb assigned to the category of Clinical Medicine in the list. His research is linked to clinical oncology, new therapeutic targets and translational research in the field of immunotherapy in cancer.

World’s Top 2% Scientists List

In addition, the University of Standford publishes the Word’s Top 2% Scientist ranking. It is also one of the most prestigious lists in the world with bibliometric information from the Scorpus database gathering more than 180,000 researchers out of the 8 million total scientists considered. It classifies up to 22 fields and many more subfields. Of the PRBB scientists who appear, we highlight:

  • Jordi Mestres. He is the coordinator of the GRIB (IMIM and UPF) systems pharmacology research group . It has a very important position in the list, as it is number 1 in Catalonia, 5th in Spain and 263rd in the world within the Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry subfield, where there are 88725 researchers included. He researches the development of biochemistry tools and databases, the topographic analysis of molecular surfaces and the design of protocols for virtual screening.
  • Jordi Alonso. He also appears in this list occupying the number 2 position in Catalonia, the 2nd in Spain, and the 224th in the world within the Psychiatry subfield of the 68,582 total scientists in this area.

For more information you can consult the website of Clarivate, or that of the centers involved (UPF, ISGLOBAL, IMIM)

Congratulations on these awards!

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