Stem cells to the rescue of the retina

In green, transplanted stem cells. In red and magenta, neurons in the retina. Photo by Martina Pesaresi, CRG.

Damage to the retina, given the general and progressive aging of the population, is predicted to be increasingly frequent. However, from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) they have found a possible way to improve treatments for vision loss.

The team led by Pia Cosma has found two cellular signals – known as Ccr5 and Cxcr6 – that retinal cells send out when they are dying, so that stem cells come to replace them.

The scientists have modified stem cells to contain a large number of Ccr5 and Cxcr6 receptors before transplanting them into mouse models.

The image shows how these modified stem cells (in green) move towards the dying retinal cells (in red and magenta) more efficiently, rescuing them and thus preserving their function.

We will pay attention to the progress of this interesting propje, and in the meantime, we will enjoy the fantastic images that are generated during the process.

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