PRBB, a diverse community that remains stable in 2021

We review the demographics and the most relevant changes in the PRBB during 2021.

PRBB presents 2021 demographic data - Credit: Ferran Mateo

The best asset of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) is its people; the great critical mass of researchers, as well as technical staff and support and administrative personnel who, day after day, come full of passion to their laboratories and offices to advance science.

One more year, we take a picture of this great family that makes up the PRBB community.

According to the latest demographic data, in 2021 we have remained stable compared to the previous year, with a total of 1444 residents.

During this year the overall percentages of female and male staff have also remained the same (60% and 40% respectively), but the number of female principal investigators has increased (5% more than last year). This is a good figure that points the way towards a better gender balance, for which we must continue to work.

Finally, the percentage of residents of foreign origin has increased slightly (2% more than in 2020), with 57 different nationalities in the park.

The PRBB thus remains a stable, diverse community with an emerging trend of improvement in terms of gender equality. Here you can see the full demographics for the year 2021:

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