Community building in the snow

Several researchers from the different centres of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) have made a getaway to Grandvalira, Andorra, to spend a weekend in the snow. Irene Pazos (MELIS-UPF) and Jordi Badia (IMIM) were in charge of organising the first PRBB ski trip.

Mountain, sun and snow provided the perfect backdrop for boosting the PRBB community, creating new bonds and strengthening existing ones. Because just as a snowflake forms, so does the PRBB community. Snowflakes need a condensation nucleus to form; that is, a drop of water with a particle of dust or pollen inside it. And it is precisely activities like this trip that form the core of the PRBB community. For just as the drops attach themselves to the central axis to form snowflakes, each person who has gone on the trip contributes to creating the essence of the PRBB.

Thank you Irene and Jordi for organising the trip and making us enjoy a weekend of snow and good company! We hope to repeat next year.

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