Celebrating 10 years of PRBB Intervals

The PRBB continuing education programme, Intervals, celebrates its 10th anniversary in style.

Study hard, pass your exams (write your thesis), get a good job. In the old world the 3 ‘Rs’ – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic – were the way to get ahead. But to navigate today’s complex world successfully we need new skills.

Welcome to the 4 Cs: Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration!

The PRBB Intervals programme has been working for 10 years to help PRBB residents develop their C skills and on December 4th the whole building was invited to participate in a very creative birthday.

During the morning, two special 10th birthday creativity workshops took place, with more than 50 people attending:

Then at 1pm everyone assembled at the PRBB Auditorium for the grand finale, where two teams of researchers faced each other in a fierce “Dance your science” competition. After a presentation by Jordi Camí and Elinor Thompson, director of the PRBB and director of the Intervals program, respectively, a video was projected with pictures of the best moments lived during these 10 years. After finishing, Ero Jiménez, coordinator of the program, presented the two dance groups:

  • Pomberos, a mixed team with the Oxidative stress lab from DCEXS and staff from ISGlobal.
  • Proteomics, formed by the members of the CRG proteomics core facility.

The teams had been preparing their show – a 5 minutes visual expression of the research done by one of the members – for several weeks. Both teams had enjoyed the expert help of coach Leo Zunda in preparing their dance, and they demonstrated their newly acquired abilities on the stage, making the decision about the winner very difficult for the jury.

Finally, it was the Pomberos team with Let’s dance with Chaperones who won, leaving the Proteomics group in second place with The Flying Peptides. Both teams did a great job, though, and they both went home with a huge gift basket of goods to share in good company!

The competition ended with snacks, a birthday cake and drinks for everyone, dancers and spectators.

If you missed the event or want to revive the dances, click here and here to see the live recording from Periscope.

You can also check out this virtual review of the day!


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