Call for action: The Incubakers are back and looking for reinforcements!

The solidarity initiative born more than 9 years ago in the PRBB has raised more than €30,000 for different charities, thanks to the sale of cakes in the interior square of the park. Now, the Incubakers are looking for volunteers to continue this task.

The delicious breakfasts of the Incubakers return to continue financing solidarity projects around the world.

The pandemic is starting to give us a break and the return to normality is slowly becoming a reality. At the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) some of the activities that had to cease during these two years are starting to reappear.

Last Thursday, March 17th, the Incubakers once again held one of their solidarity bake sales, the first post-pandemic one, with the aim of becoming more active than ever.

This solidarity initiative, created more than nine years ago by two members of the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), has raised more than 30,000 thanks to 85 solidarity breakfasts that have taken place at the PRBB, sending money to more than 32 different countries.

In its almost 10 years of existence, the Incubakers initiative has raised more than €30,000, which has gone to projects in more than 32 countries.

How do we work? It’s easy: one of our members chooses a charity, calls some bakers to help with the cakes, makes the necessary advertisement and, when the bake sale fundraiser ends, they transfer the money to the charity and go to bed with a big smile. And that’s it: simple and sweet!

Children from the CASA project, from the NGO Expand Perú, after receiving money from the Incubakers for toys and sports equipment

Would you like to join us?

The return to normality after the pandemic is not easy and some of the Incubakers members have left the PRBB during the last two years. That’s why we are recruiting new members. If you work at the PRBB and are interested in the initiative, contact us via Instagram and we will tell you more about the project and how you can collaborate.

In this first post-pandemic bake sale, money has been raised for the Oncodines trial, a fundraising challenge scheduled for April 2nd, in support of oncology patients and their families, the purchase of medical equipment and investment in cancer research. The breakfast was a real success: €549 were raised for the cause. Many new hygiene measures were also taken during the bake sale due to the pandemic: hydroalcoholic gel on the tables, volunteers with gloves and masks, and contactless payment via the Bizum platform allowed for the first time.

New measures for new times: volunteers wear gloves and masks, and hydroalcoholic gel is offered

The next breakfast will be this Thursday, April 7, from 9am to 11am at the PRBB’s inner square. All the money raised will go to RAWA (Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan). Rawa is an organisation funded in 1977 and represents the oldest social organisation of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women’s rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan. It is a feminist association and they carry out plenty of projects and activities helping the vulnerable members both inside Afghan society and in Pakistan. We look forward, therefore, to seeing you in the inner square this Thursday!

An expanding solidarity

The pandemic hasn’t dampened the Incubakers’ will to grow either. In an interview for El·lipse three years ago, one of the founders, Kiara Toufighi, explained that “she would like to establish Incubakers groups in different science institutes in various cities across Europe“. Slowly, this goal is becoming a reality: a former member of the initiative, Alba Fernandez, has created a ‘spin-off’ of the Incubakers at the Integrative Epidiomology Unit of the University of Bristol, the IEUbakers, who will be having their first bake sale on Wednesday, April 6th. Moreover, a new section of Incubakers is also being “baked” at another prestigious research center in Barcelona, by one of the former coordinators.

Don’t miss the opportunity and write us to join this sweet initiative!

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