A sculpture at the CRG honouring the exchange of ideas and innovation

Sculptor Nigel Fleming has donated his work ‘Stomata’ to the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG). The artist uses elements of nature that we cannot normally observe because of their scale to reflect on complex concepts. In this case, he uses a plant’s stomata, the microscopic openings in leaves that allow exchange with the outside world.

These ostomata represent the exchange of ideas that fosters the spirit of collaboration and innovation in the scientific community, and especially in the biotech ecosystem. With this work, Fleming, who was a biochemist before turning to art, pays tribute to Luis Serrano, director of the CRG, for his role in the growth of the biotechnology sector in Barcelona.

“I firmly believe that the Barcelona ecosystem will continue to thrive and expand. It breathes and grows. Let the sculpture ‘Stomata’ symbolise this energetic emerging economic force in the heart of Catalonia, driven by pioneers like Dr. Serrano.”

Nigel Fleming, escultor 

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